New Theme

Rightos, we’ve had a few great pictures posted up of the before and after of that slightly beastly woman below… Favourite being this so far:

Submitted by Paul Laird

It’s also been decided on having ‘themes’ rather than the single picture (unless anyone expresses that they preferred the single picture, then i’ll be happy to switch back).

Current theme is a ‘horror’ one and we’re giving it until the 31st January to get the submissions in (feel free to post up other random photoshops you’ve done too and to give out tips/advice).

Again, the link for submitting the pics is:

I’ll try to keep this site updated a little more often with submissions that stand out.

Catch you over in the group 🙂


Well we’ve hit over 100 viewers on the 2nd day to this site, thanks to everyone 🙂 Please remember to hit the +share button on your group and to also invite anyone else who may be interested in such a competition… Even those who aren’t.. We’re still after the voters too, keep it up everyone!

Temp. Banner

Ok i’ve thrown up a temporary banner for a couple of days until I get a chance to have a mess aroond.

1st Photoshop Competition

Hello fellow people that are also sick of reality…

The decision for the first competition picture has been agreed on:

Photoshop Competition - First Pic.

We’ll set a deadline date at midnight on the 17th January.. That gives you 2 weeks.

Feel free to post up as many entries as you can sum up, beauty is in the eye of photoshop remember.

You can find the link for the facebook group where pictures should be uploaded over on the right hand side over there —-> (and up a bit)

Welcome to Facebook PhotoShop’s Offical Blog

Welcome to the Official Wordpres Blog for the FaceBook Fan Page!

To describe our group;

Basically a new picture will be uploaded each month (suggestions welcome), the aim is to photoshop that picture and post up the results, the best photoshop result of said picture, will be the new group picture until the following months competition… Basically just have fun and go crazy with photoshop, enjoy!

Much appreciated and keep Tuned!